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Many Indian people believe that once you have a passport, then you are set for lifetime validity. In reality, this is not true. An Indian passport has an expiration of 10 years. So, after 10 years, you need to renew your passport. Make sure your passport is up to date since having a passport is a very important factor in a person’s life.

Renewal process

As stated above that passport renewal India has a time period of 10 years. Once the time frame is over, you need to apply for the renewal of passport. The renewal of the passport is done online and is called a renew passport online method. In order to begin this method, first you need to register to our website with your respective credentials like email address, name and phone number and then follow the steps mentioned on our website. Once you provide all the details for registering, an activation link will be sent to your respective mail address. Once done, go to the section which provides an option known as passport reissue.

Filling of the from

Now once your account has been created successfully. You need to fill an online form that will be present on our website. Click on the link which says reissue of passport. After filling the form, double-check it to see that you have filled all the necessary details. Once done, click on the option known as validate and save the copy of them from. The next step would be uploading the document on our website by clicking on the submit button.

Information needed for passport submission

When an individual applies for passport reissue from our company. Then there are certain documents that need to be summited. Check out of the home page to know more about the personal information that we take from you for your passport reissue. Now documents will differ according to the type of the passport being rendered and the age of the application. For instance, a tatkal passport would have different documentation that a regular passport port. Similarly, the documentation of a minor will be different from the adult. Some of the general documentation that will be required will be stated as follows:

An old passport that is original Copy of the first two pages and the last two pages of the old passport A copy of ECR or Non-ECR page A copy, if there is to view the page of observation made by any passport issuing authority earlier. Copy of the validity extension page, if there are chances of short validity passport Documents that eliminate the causes of insurance in short validity passport

Slots for renewing a passport

Now once you have summited the online, you need to schedule an interview according to your convenient time. The process of booking the slots for the interview will be described below

Once you have logged in to our website. Directly go to our website known as submitted application tab Then click on the section which says “schedule and pay “and book an interview time according to your convivence Once done, the website will direct you to a payment gateway where you need to pay for the appointments that are booked online. Based on the type of applicant (adult /minor) And the type of passport (tatkal/ regular), the fee structure will differ.

Payments options

We have various payment options available on our website, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Some of our most used payment options will be given below and these are:

1. Internet banking

2. SBI bank challan

3. Debit or credit cards

Application receipt

A lot of private passport companies don’t provide you the option of printing the receipt of the payment. This causes you a dilemma of whether your amount paid has been successful. With us, there is no such issue. We have a print receipt option which will show you that you have paid for the services that are provided by us. Please note that you should carry that application reference number when you come for the interview

Visiting our office

Remember to carry the print receipt and the application reference number, when you come to us for an interview.

Difference between renewing and reissue of passport

A lot of people get confused when these terms are mentioned. They believe that reissue and renewal of passport are the same. You should realize that they are different. Renewal of passport is issued when the passports time expires. On the reissue of passport is done during the events that are mentioned below:

1. When the passport is stolen by someone else

2. When the passport is lost due to careless traveling

3. When the pages of the passport are exhausted

4. When the pages of the passport are damaged

5. When there needs to be a change in the personal details of the individual.

Short validity passport (SVP)

Regular passport renewal can be a little complex. However, for the short validity passport, the process can be rather simple. A short validity passport can be issued for following events which can be stated as follows A student who is penetrating to appears for exams like TOEFL and SAT An NRI who is planning a trip to India for a short period Indabas that have criminal cases on them A passport that has been lost during the transition

People need to know

1. How long will be the validity when I review my passport?

The validity of the passport will be decided by the passport officer. According to recent norms, the maximum validity of the passport can be 10 years

2. Is an agent required to renew my passport ?

No, you don’t an agent to renew your passport as our services are transparent and online. However, if the person is uneducated, then he / she might require an agent

3. Do I need to submit my original documents to the website?

No, you don’t need original documents when you register with our website. Moreover, you need to carry the print receipt and the application number when you come to our office for the interview.